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Automate employment agreements with ease

Generate and automate employment agreements end-to-end - from the intake of information, negotiations to e-signature

Trusted by leading businesses, globally

Remove the burden of manual, time-consuming contracts

Reduce time spent drafting and managing contracts and focus valuable time on high-value strategic work.

Eliminate errors and maintain compliance

Generate accurate contracts everytime using standardized employment agreement templates

Accelerate the turn-around time of agreements

Generate contracts in a matter of minutes and facilitate the negotiation and signing process with ease

Oversee the status of approvals, signatures & obligations

Gain instant visibility into employment agreements and approval statuses, stay up to date with automated alerts and enable data-driven decisions

One platform to manage your workflows, services and data

Streamline the flow of data, documents and activities across your existing systems and workflow.

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No-Code Automation Platform - Integrations
No-Code Automation Platform - Integrations

13,000+ hours saved per year

"Our teams spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables."

Denise Doyle

Transformation Lead, Legal Division

60+ workflows automated across legal

“Without the need for technical skills or the help of IT, Checkbox has enabled us to automate intake and triage, pre-populate significant volumes of information up front, and allocate matters to the lawyers with the right expertise and availability. It is a living, breathing tool we can scale and adapt easily to maintain a legal safety blanket for the business.”

Ben Langford

Group Counsel, Woolworths Group

4000+ documents automated per year across the business

“The legal and people & culture teams have been able to focus on the people rather than the processes, whilst rolling out solutions organizations-wide at a velocity that was unachievable previously.”

Richard Conway

Deputy Group General Counsel & Group Company Secretary at Coca-Cola


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