Another “Big Four” Advisory Firm Chooses
Checkbox to Build an Indirect Tax Lead Generation Tool

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Our customer provides tax consulting to their clients and is always looking to acquire new leads and customers to grow the business. Often, potential clients do not engage as they do not understand the need to or simply because they do not want to incur costs for basic, preliminary advice. This results in a poor outcome for their clients and lost opportunities for our customer.


Automated Assessment and Report Generation

Our customer used Checkbox to build a tool that provides a preliminary assessment on the eligibility for indirect tax exemption for the services supplied by companies to overseas entities. The tool was embedded on their website which enabled potential clients to self-serve and arrive at a preliminary outcome after being guided through questions that were tailored to their industry and services. A report is generated with automated advice which included the photo, names and contact details of Partners as a channel to generate new engagements.

Distinguished Services

This enabled our customer to differentiate from their competitors, generate new leads in a novel way, and enabled their clients to gain better advice and context to further work.