How Did Checkbox Maximise Business Value
for a Big Six Law Firm?

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Our customer receives enquiries from their clients across a multitude of areas with a large portion including those querying whether a notification is required under the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). Every foreign investor must submit a request and undergo an assessment to confirm their eligibility to begin investing in these businesses. In the case that the foreign customer is not eligible, the Big Six law firm is unable to charge their customers for that service.


Broken Communication and Non-Billable Service

Due to the nature of the time difference between countries,  our customer was receiving enquiries outside of business hours, creating a broken chain of communication ultimately leading to numerous potential customers being lost. The eligibility process was also an inefficient and non-billable service, taking away from lawyer time while costing the business. However, help must still be provided to maintain client relationships, deliver value and act as a lead into paid work should the conclusion of the advice require the engagement of new services.

Checkbox Solution:
Self-Service Triage

 Our customer used Checkbox to build self-service assessment tools for their clients. At certain conclusion points, the application would direct the user to engage with particular partners of the firm to pick up the matter, retaining the lead generation aspect of the previous, manual process.


Drastic Increase in Efficiency

Our solution enabled clients to still receive accurate advice whilst not requiring our customer’s lawyers to actively engage in doing the research and providing that same advice. Further, the tool proved useful in keeping international clients sticky for our customers as they were able to receive advice 24/7 even outside of business hours in the local offices.