Charting the Evolution: Legal Automation and AI at Woolworths

Explore Woolworths' journey with legal automation and generative AI.

What will you learn?

Insights on Woolworth's Legal Automation

Journey Overview

Learn about Woolworths' path towards integrating legal automation and generative AI.

Innovation Culture

Discover how Woolworths fosters a culture of innovation, focusing on process improvement and technology.

Key Drivers

Understand the key drivers and the decision-making process behind Woolworths' legal automation journey.

Business Buy-In

Gain insights on how to achieve business buy-in and implement legal automation effectively.

Advice at Scale

Explore how Woolworths delivers legal advice at scale, reducing the volume of matters by 80%.

Future AI

Look into the future of leveraging Checkbox’s AI capabilities with automation at Woolworths.

Webinar speaker

Meet our next expert guest for an insightful Checkbox webinar.

Holly Reiner

Paralegal at Woolworths

Dan Pooley

Head of Customer Success at Checkbox