Automate Your Regulation and Compliance
As an Expert in Corporate Legal

Our Legal Ops helps automate decision-making,
sign-offs, triaging, and documentation, so that
your in-house team can control their budgets and focus
on improving performance to achieve more with less
and start adding real value

How We Can Benefit You in Corporate Legal

“I’m really enjoying Checkbox…I’m finding the logic is really versatile and allows the decision to be far more dynamic than what I’ve worked with in the past.” – Lawyer

Maximise Efficiency in Internal Business Operations

Drastically Reduce Human Errors

Spend More Time On Things That Actually Matter

Elevate Your Customer’s Experience

Some Powerful Features You Can Use

Compliant Design 

Automatically tailors claims and reporting document to ensure it is appropriately complying to standards

Automated Documents

Automatically generate completed documents that typically are created manually from templates

Calculation Tool

Automatically calculate insurance needs and generate quotes for customers

Decision Tool

Codified factors, rules and decision-tree logic to guide users to a standardised, accurate outcome

Global Insurance Company Chooses Checkbox to Design and Automate Disclaimer Statements

Checkbox Automates NDAs of Australia’s Leading Airline and Telecommunications Company