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Service Request Management

Service Request Management

Provide a single digital access point for the business and enable self-service and greater accessibility.

Contract Automation

Contract Automation

Generate contracts end-to-end in a matter of minutes - from the intake of information, to conditional content, to e-signature.

Approval Workflow

Review and Approvals

Guide users through document review and streamline the stakeholder assignment, approval and signing process.

Self-service Knowledge

Self-service Knowledge

Enable users to self-serve bespoke advice through knowledge bases or by routing requests to expert decisioning.

Create digital applications in a matter of clicks

Build tools to automate forms, documents & decisions and streamline processes

Remove the burden of manual, repeatable work

Reduce time & costs spent on tedious, manual work and refocus on strategic priorities and advancing business value

Go from idea to solution in minutes without coding

Build, customize and maintain your own workflows using an intuitive visual interface and without any prior technical knowledge

Everything you need to manage your processes and solutions end-to-end

Application Development

Build, update and maintain workflow solutions faster and easier using a completely visual drag-and-drop canvas

Drag and drop

Development & testing

Version management

Document Automation

Automate documents end-to-end using information intake, conditional content, bulk processing, approvals and e-signature.

Template-based documents

In-app document editor


Workflow Automation

Automate, streamline, and execute processes between people, systems, and data using predefined business rules.

Sequential workflows

Parallel workflows


Forms and Intake

Capture and triage information from users and systems using dynamic, logic-driven forms.

Smart forms


Web accessibility

Decision Automation

Design complex rules and decision-tree logic including calculations, looping and weighted scores.

Decision tables

Conditional routing & logic

Number/date calculations

Reporting & Analytics

Gain instant visibility and insights into your services and processes and enable data-driven decisions.


Widgets & custom filters

Data exports

Reusability & Data

Leverage data storage and management functionality to read, retrieve and update data across workflows and external systems.


Data import & export

Low-code availaibilty


No-Code Automation
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