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CBX 240: Build Your Own Legal Automation Process Without IT

Proposed Date: 6th October 2021

CBX240 is an “invitation only” 3 hour instructor-led workshop. It is designed to help you learn how to build your very own bespoke legal automation process in just a few hours.  You do not need coding or IT skills, but just need to bring your innovative mindset and a keen sense of commitment for in-house process improvement.   We will walk you through simple and easy step-by-step guide to:

  • Understanding automation and workflows 
  • Building, testing and deploying legal automation 
  • Capturing and managing necessary information 
  • Measuring the outcomes of automation  

Please fill out the expression of interest form so we can schedule these workshops to suit your time zone.

Please note:  Due to the current COVID regulations, these sessions will be run virtually. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we navigate through these uncertain times.

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