How Checkbox Empowered a Global Insurance Company

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Our global customer insures 75+ financial institutions to which they must produce disclaimers for each insurance product they provide. Every disclaimer is specific to each financial institution and has 5 different media types, 12 products, 27 product features.


Endless Disclaimer Forms

By providing for a large variety of financial institutions, our customer manually managed hundreds and thousands of disclaimers of different types. Further to this, an arduous approval process is conducted each time a disclaimer is authored. Overall, this procedure to create disclaimer statements was extremely inefficient and agonising for their employees and clients.

Checkbox Solution:
Automated Forms

In just a week, we were able to use our drag-and-drop feature on the Checkbox platform to build an automated disclaimer generation tool that contained predefined rules and content tailored by our client’s legal team.


Increased Efficiency

Because the disclaimers are generated compliant by design, our customer was also able to eliminate large elements of the approval process. Further, given that this application becomes a single-source of truth, any changes to the disclaimers in the future can be easily made and distributed across the organisation in a standardised and efficient manner.